The Net Value



The Net Value is located in Cagliari, Italy, a place where important digital media projects have been born over the last 15 years. From the experience of Video On Line (the first internet provider in Italy, founded here in 1993) to Crs4 and Tiscali, Cagliari can be considered one of the most vital areas in Italy in the Digital arena.

Thanks to these previous adventures, Cagliari and its surroundings are currently the fertile ground where a constellation of digital companies have sprung up. The Net Value decided to play its part in the growth of such an ecosystem.

The Net Value provides a broad range of services to startups hosted within the incubator. When you decide to access the incubation program, your startup gains easy access to industry-leading professionals with significant experience and can tap into their extensive network in order to accelerate the growth of your digital project.